Private Cabin is a comedy arts collective based out of the New York Metro Area. Founded in 2010, the group consists of writers, comedians, improvisers, photographers, podcasters, and cinematographers. 


Sean weiner — writer/director

Sean is a New York-based director, DP, and editor. He works in both narrative and nonfiction, and his previous works include Private Cabin's improvisational first feature We Are Strangerswhich premiered as part of NewFilmmakers New York in Spring of 2014, and the personal documentary 11.15.91, a film reflecting on the collective experience of growing up mixed race. Sean is a lead creative in Private Cabin Collective, a director at the Upright Citizens Brigade, an assistant professor in Purchase College's School of Film and Media Studies, and the Director of the Creative Culture Initiative at the Jacob Burns Film Center.

andrew jupin — writer/producer 

Andrew is a writer, comedian, podcaster, film professor, and (sometimes) actor. Getting his start in sketch comedy in 2004, he's written and performed in dozens of sketch shows, short videos, and web series. He studied improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, as well as the Magnet Theater. He also co-wrote and acted in Private Cabin's first feature, We Are Strangers. Since 2010 he's been the host of the We Hate Movies podcast, a weekly comedy show that also tours the country playing clubs, theaters, and festivals. During the day, he's an adjunct film professor at Westchester Community and Purchase colleges, as well as the Senior Film Programmer for the Jacob Burns Film Center. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and dog.

Justin Drobinski - Cinematographer

Justin is a New York-based cinematographer, working in fiction, nonfiction, and video art. He studied film production at Boston University, and is currently the Technical Director at the Jacob Burns Film Center Media Arts Lab, where he also teaches cinematography and develops curriculum for teen students. His nonfiction highlights include the shorts Whispering Spirits and 11.15.91, and his video art highlights include W is for (gallery), Working Title (gallery), and The Hour of the Star (stage production). Amongst numerous solo productions, his fiction highlight is collaborating with Russell Peborde as twin pistols to shoot Private Cabin’s first feature, We Are Strangers.

Russ Peborde - Cinematographer

Russ is a photographer and cinematographer from the New York Metro area. In addition to Outer Spaces, Russ shot the feature film The Lionshare, web series Pioneer One and, for Private Cabin, Celebrity Sex Tape Extortions, Gotham Gangsters, and Sex Personified, as well as co-shooting We Are Strangers with Justin Drobinski. He enjoys debating the quality of television shows and making coffee in his Chemex.