About the film

Max Brand as "Jimmy Becker" in  Outer Spaces

The new feature from Private Cabin Collective, Outer Spaces is a film based on true stories. Produced using the same improvised process as Private Cabin's We Are StrangersOuter Spaces tells the story of Jimmy Becker, a young man forced to contend with a difficult family milestone while also struggling with a stagnating career in the New York comedy scene. 

Stuck in his hometown for a week, Jimmy is confronted by several figures from his past — some he welcomes, some he'd rather forget, and some he didn't even know were there the whole time. Facing his roots head on, Jimmy realizes he'll never be able to move forward until he accepts everything about where he's from — the good, the bad, the forgotten and frustrating — and embrace the place that made him who he is.

Music by RUWA.